PUTNAM COUNTY, Ga. – A camera captured every terrifying moment on the bus, revealing when two inmates allegedly jumped two corrections officers, grabbed their guns and shot and killed them Tuesday morning.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said that he has watched the video on the Georgia Department of Corrections bus on Tuesday, with 33 inmates in tow.

The entire alleged crime was recorded.

The bus is traveling from the state prison in Hancock, Ga., to the Jackson, Ga., diagnostic facility, on Hwy. 16.

According to Sills, Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose stormed out of the cage.

Using the element of surprise, Sills said, it appeared that the two inmates rushed the two corrections officers, Sgt. Chris Monica, 42, and Sgt. Curtis Billue, 58. He said, the two headed straight for the officers’ guns, as the other inmates aboard, shuffled in a frenzy to the back of the bus.

Armed with the officers’ 40-caliber pistols, the two fugitives were on the run for the next few days, ultimately leaving Georgia and being captured in Rutherford County, Tenn., on Thursday night.

They made their first court appearance in front of a Tennessee judge Friday morning and will be extradited back to Georgia within days.

“I want a jury to convict them and sentence them to death. That's what I want,” Sills said. "They're savages. That's what they are. And you know what they are today? They're caged savages. Just that simple."