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Witnesses on the stand give first-hand accounts of ex-officer's shooting of naked veteran

The two men witnessed the shooting from slightly different angles.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — In the trial of a DeKalb County police officer charged with the murder of an unarmed and naked Air Force veteran, on Friday, two eyewitnesses were on the stand.

Both men watched as Anthony Hill ran at Robert Olsen in 2015. Then, Olsen shot Hill twice, killing him.

The jury is being asked to decide whether the shooting was justified.

Testimony on Friday gave first-hand details of the shooting itself -- which happened four years ago in at the Heights at Chamblee apartment complex in DeKalb County.

At times, though the two witnesses gave conflicting details, or didn't share the same opinion of what they watched, both spoke through an interpreter.

On March 9, 2015, Pedro Castillo Flores worked as a maintenance man at Anthony Hill's apartment complex in Chamblee.

He testified he watched a naked Hill acting erratically in the parking lot as others called 911.

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Flores said he saw Olsen arrive and a naked Hill ran at Olsen with his hands up. He says Olsen pulled his gun.

(DEFENSE) -- "You thought Mr. Hill was going to try and attack the officer."

(FLORES) -- "That is just one way of thinking of it, if someone is running towards me."

(DEFENSE) -- "I'm asking you about what you thought that day. You thought that maybe Mr. Hill was going to try and attack the officer."

(FLORES) -- "That is what I thought that day."

Miguel Medina testified that he drove into the complex behind Olsen, stopping about 15 feet behind the officer and noticed Hill.

(STATE) -- "You could see his hands. Did he have anything in his hands?"

(MEDINA) -- "No."

Medina says he watched Hill from the same vantage point as Olsen.

(STATE) -- "Was he being aggressive?"

(MEDINA) -- "He didn't seem to be aggressive. He just seemed like he was running like a disoriented person."

(MEDINA) -- "He was running toward the policeman. I don't know what he was trying to do. He was running toward the officer."

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And when he was asked about the shooting.

(STATE) -- "Did the officer have to shoot Anthony to stop him?"

(FLORES) -- "Yes."

(STATE) -- "Why?"

(FLORES) -- "Because he was running towards him."

But moments later, when he was asked about Olsen's hands, baton or Taser.

(STATE) -- Do you think, having been there, were there other things besides shooting and killing Anthony that could have been done to stop him?"

(FLORES) -- "Yes, that is possible, yes."

Attorneys also focused on Hill's speed as he ran at Olsen -- who backed up.

(STATE) -- "When Anthony was 8-to-12 feet away, the officer said 'Stop! Stop!'"

(MEDINA) -- "Exactly."

(DEFENSE) -- "And then you said he slowed down."

(FLORES) -- Yes, because he was coming up to where he was."

(DEFENSE) -- "Do you remember before, saying that he never stopped running, ever?"

(FLORES) -- "Yes."

(MEDINA) -- "He started out running fast, and then when he got close, he ran slower."

Testimony though, of what Hill might have done or how Olsen felt, Castillo Flores agreed, comes down to one thing.

"This is all your opinion, right?" Flores was asked.

"Si. Si," he answered.

Miguel Medina said Hill never put his hands on Robert Olsen. Pedro Castillo Flores said before Olsen arrived Hill was asking for help. But both witnesses said they never heard Hill say anything to Olsen before being shot.

The judge recessed the case, sending the jury home at midday on Friday. The court will take the day off on Monday for Rosh Hoshanah before resuming on Tuesday.


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