ATLANTA -- 11Alive has new video showing a woman fighting off two men trying to steal her car at a gas station.

As of Wednesday night, these suspects were still on the run.

The new video shows the woman, who is outnumbered and unarmed, fighting two men with a gun – and she wins.

Watch the raw

It is 10:30 p.m. Saturday outside at the Exxon gas station on Hamilton Holmes and Interstate 20. The two attackers, their heads covered under hooded sweatshirts, emerge from behind the gas pumps and walk past a security camera.

Moments later, they approach Jasmine Warren, and at least one of them is pointing a gun at her.

They struggle briefly with Warren, then the gunman gets into the driver’s seat of her car, which is parked next to the convenience store.

But Warren is having none of it.

She opens the driver side car door and pulls the gunman out of her car. The other man has to come to his rescue.

Warren goes after the gunman again.

He hits her in the head with his gun and she still won’t back off.

The other man again runs around from the passenger side to the driver side to help the gunman, and the gunman gets into the car again.

Warren goes after the gunman a third time. He tries to drive away but she is still trying to pull him out of the driver seat, and she is half in and half out of the car and she will not let go.

The other man reaches across from the passenger side and beats Warren repeatedly around her head and shoulders. But she draws the gunman out of the car.

People are watching during this struggle. No one intervenes to help Warren.

Warren comes at the gunman a fourth time. He yells at her and then struggles with his handgun.

She runs as he aims and tries to shoot in her direction. Then, both attackers give up and run away.

They leave her and her car.

Police are working on coming up with a detailed description of the men.

There is a CrimeStoppers reward in the case of up to $2,000. Anyone who thinks they know who the two men are should call CrimeStoppers -- 404-577-TIPS (8477).