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Little progress made in jury selection during YSL trial

Jury selection has gone on for nearly a month and no one has been seated.

ATLANTA — More than a month has passed since the jury selection began in the sweeping RICO indictment against Young Thug, also known as Jeffery Williams. Williams is one of 14 defendants in the case being brought by the Fulton County District Attorney's Office. 

The Fulton County DA is alleging that Williams' YSL label is a gang. The rapper's attorneys have maintained this is not the case. 

Three weeks after proceedings began, Judge Ural Glanville continued to hear hardship arguments from potential jurors. The trial is expected to last for at least six months. 

Former DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James explained this hardship is especially difficult for people when coordinating work and other commitments. 

"Your employers aren't going to be happy. You aren't going to be happy. A lot of these people are employed where they have projects... Some of them are self-employed," he said. 

Multiple jurors cited work constraints on Wednesday. No less than four admitted their place of employment would only allow for three days to serve jury duty. Others cited financial and childcare concerns. Another request obstacle was the care of an elderly parent. 

The trial paused briefly mid-preceding last month. One of the defendants, Kahlieff Adams was allegedly caught passing drugs to Willimas in court. He appeared to ingest other contraband after this happened. Judge Glanville paused proceedings while Adams was taken to the hospital. 

James said this may create concern later when the prosecution and defense try to decide who will sit on the jury. 

"It could have a real impact because you want to go back and ask those jurors questions," he said. "'Have you heard about this, you know, since this trial started?'"

The judge will continue to hear hardship claims. A new pool of jurors is expected to be brought in at the end of the month. 

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