SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- The secret to Barbara Hart's bakery at Create Your Cupake in Sandy Springs is a missing ingredient.

"It is all gluten-free," she told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie.

Barbara's committed to satisfying any sweet tooth, but she takes special care to cater to those with Celiac Disease since she was diagnosed herself 12 years ago.

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"I had a lot of stomach problems," Barbara explained. "All of my joints were aching. I lost a lot of weight."

But everything changed when she cut out gluten and eventually discovered the risks of cross-contamination.

"Gluten is very adherent. It's extremely sticky," said Dr. Cynthia Rudert, an Atlanta gastroenterologist who specializes in Celiac Disease.

Dr. Rudert said products with gluten and without don't mix.

"The higher the level of cross-contamination, the more serious the problems can be," Dr. Rudert explained.

That's why Barbara set up a self-contained room for baking regular cupcakes with gluten.

"The mixers are totally separate," Barbara said. "It has its own hearing and air so that no flour can enter the rest of the bakery."

Even upstairs in her Create Your Cupcake studio, where cucpakes are filled with cremache and topped with icing, Barbara leaves nothing to chance.

"We wipe down with food grade wipes the tips to avoid cross-contamination," Barbara said.

From the cupcake shell to the filling and icing, Barbara's sweet combinations are also safe.

"Everybody should have the opportunity to create their own cupcake," Barbara added.