(WXIA) -- If you have a mass produced deadbolt keeping you safe, it could be pretty easy for thieves to break in your home, just by turning the key.

While you think you're keeping your family safe the same code is protecting hundreds of other families across the country making it easy for thieves to get the same key.

By taking down the number printed on the front of your key anyone who sees it has the combination to open your front door.

And you don't even need to go to a locksmith to get it cut. There are companies online that cut you a key just with a code, and they ship it to you.

Hamza Kameli of All Keys Locksmith says having that code printed in your key is not safe.

He recommends anyone who has one of these deadbolts installed have their locks rekeyed and get a non-duplicate key to hide the code.

"Any key you get is about $2 to $2.50. And this is a $5 key. It's not like $25/$30. This is nothing. And you prevent a lot with a $5 key."

That will hide the code making it impossible for thieves to tell what combination you have.

If you're still nervous, Kameli recommends a high security lock specially made for your doors.

"It's always better to be safe than sorry," he said. "If you compare what you're spending vs. what you're risking, there is huge difference."

We reached out to the companies who make these locks and while they said they don't keep track of which locks go where, there are hundreds of different codes, and the likelihood of someone having your key is very small.

All seven of the keys Kaitlyn Ross found at one hardware store were the same exact code , however it was the end of the box, so a new code will be up next.