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Do firefighters really rescue cats stuck in trees? It's more like walls.

The Roswell Fire Department posted about a kitten rescued from inside a wall on Friday.

ROSWELL, Ga. — Cat stuck in a tree? It’s a classic image often portrayed in film and TV, but it turns out cat rescue calls don’t typically involve such a quaint setting.

They’re more liable to be stuck in a wall.

The Roswell Fire Department posted pictures from a kitten rescue to Facebook on Friday.

In the post, the department writes, “Do we really rescue cats stuck in trees?”

“Most of us have run that call at least once, but more often we are rescuing cute and curious kittens stuck in walls.”

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Pictures the department posted showed a small black and white kitten in the arms of a firefighter, and a hole cut out of a wall it had apparently gotten trapped inside.

“C shift Engine 22 and Truck 21 saved this adorable kitten trapped inside of a wall,” the department wrote. “Yes, We Do It All.”


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