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Dog returns to owners after two years missing

They never lost hope. A couple from Hiram had been without their dog for two years; the way they got him back makes for a remarkable Thanksgiving story.

HIRAM, Ga. -- Kelly Thomas and Ted Kupferman live in a monument to Christmas, but this year, they will cherish Thanksgiving.

"These are the times we think of people who can't be with us … or animals that can't be with us," Kupferman said.

Years ago, the couple rescued their dog named Bear. Two years ago, Bear ran away.

Ted said he ran away after being scared in a car accident.

"I rear-ended somebody and the accident startled Bear, and he ran across 120 and into the woods," he said. "I spent 12 hours that day searching his name, combing the area, finding absolutely nothing and that's how I lost him"

They knew they would find him someday but they didn't know how.

Meanwhile, two ladies who live in Marietta were trying to catch a dog that had taken up residence in an auto parts yard. They could see his paw prints and would feed him two times a day but for a year, they could never catch him.

This past Sunday, with help from several rescue groups, they rescued Bear. Then, they found a microchip listing his owners. A day later, the family reunited.

"I'm still crying over it … This was not just a dog … this was my best friend; this was my child," Kupferman said.

Now Bear is home. Home for Christmas. Home to make every holiday ever more special.

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