Finding the right words to deliver when you've been asked to speak at a graduation can be nerve-racking. Should you make jokes? Should you hit them with the wisest quotes you've seen on social media? Talk about memories from the school year?

Plano Senior High graduated their 2018 senior class at the Ford Center at the Star in Frisco over the weekend and of all the speeches we've heard, this one takes the cake for best in class.

Sef Scott, a graduating senior himself, has autism and is usually nonverbal. On Friday night he took the stage and delivered a 6 minute speech to his fellow seniors about the unexpected.

Here are our favorite moments:

"All of us have plenty about us that makes us all unique"

Scott talks about fitting into categories like class clown, scholar, athlete. Whatever your "category" in life is he reminds us that it's perfectly alright to be apart of more than one.

"The unexpected from you can be a blessing to those around you"

Think about strangers. Scott says even if it's as simple as waiting for a table and letting someone behind you get theirs first. You never know what people are going through. Let's show each other some grace a live a little bit more selflessly.

"Simple gestures can brighten gloomy days"

If you get concert tickets and you can't make it anymore, consider donating to a charity. Scott talks about donating to an organization that helps families with sick children so that they can go instead.

"Say 'thank you'"

So often we forget the simple things...especially saying thank you. Scott suggests simple affirmations like saying 'thank you for doing a great job' to a special needs individual who may have bagged your groceries at Kroger.

"Live in the moment"

Some of you may have your outline for life written in pen Scott said. But don't be afraid to live in the moment. Experience the things you want, when you want. Life is too short and tomorrow isn't promised.

"Analyze your next steps"

If your next steps aren't where you want to go, step off that path. Scott says share your hopes and dreams with your loved ones.

"Don't follow someone else's dreams"

Do what fulfills you Scott says. Don't fear the future and the unknown. It's your life you're living, not anyone else's. If you follow someone else's footsteps, you'll only get where they want you to go.

"Unexpected doesn't make it wrong"

Just because things don't go as plan doesn't make them wrong or bad. Be willing to take chances and take risks. Higher the risk, higher the reward.

Watch the inspirational speech in its entirety: