Students at Kennesaw Mountain High School got an unusually close view of Monday’s eclipse.

The STEM high school is the only school in Georgia with an observatory on campus. For them, Monday’s event was like the Olympics.

Senior Michy Ramos is obsessed with all things space. She wants to be an astronaut, so the chance to see the solar eclipse up close was a huge deal.

“I'll probably end up just crying tears of joy when it happens, I'll just be so happy,” Ramos.

As the president of the school’s Stars club, she got to watch it through their observatory. The small viewing building was donated to school and houses a majorly powerful telescope.

“Instead of looking at something through solar eclipse glasses, which will be this big, we'll get to see it about the size of a softball,’ she said. “And it's all student-led here too, so that's really exciting!"

Students said having a chance to have such a high-tech view of the eclipse is something they'll never forget.

“People travel from all over the world to be able to see this and it's happening right in our backyard! And we're at 97% totality, which is not 100%, but it's still insane,” Ramos said. “People dream to even get to this part and we just get the luck of having it right here.”

Only about four students are able to fit inside the observatory, so they rotated throughout the totality of the eclipse so everyone really got a chance to see it up close. All of the other students here watched with their special glasses from the football field.