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Atlanta Public Schools to require virtual learning for first quarter of school year

They've also pushed the start date back until August 24th for the upcoming school year.

ATLANTA — Atlanta Public Schools has decided on virtual learning at least for the first nine weeks -- and they're planning to push the start date back to August 24th. 

This was the first major decision for Atlanta Public Schools' new Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring.

She said they are giving families two options for virtual learning. 

Students can enroll in the Atlanta Virtual Academy, referred to as "Ava" where they'll be taught by Ava teachers. Students can also stay with virtual learning from your home school. This option gives you the flexibility to go back to in-person learning if and when that happens. 

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Credit: Atlanta Public Schools

Since the start date has been pushed back two weeks, Dr.Herring said they'll use that time to make sure students, teachers, and parents are ready. 

"Distribution or refreshing of devices for virtual learning, distributing instructional materials and personal protective equipment to students, ensuring we have current contact information for our students and families and assessing the social and emotional well-being," Dr. Herring listed.

They plan to distribute 6,000 to 10,000 devices and hotspots. They are also creating parent technology institute to offer a little help since the sudden switch to technology proved to be a struggle back in March. 

"We want to provide windows for some level of in-person small group with social distance practices engagements between teachers and students in preparation for online learning ... and we are working through the dynamics of that," Herring said. 

Dr. Herring said they won't consider in-person learning until COVID-19 hits moderate or minimal spread -- and masks will be required in any Atlanta Public Schools building. 


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