DECATUR, Ga. — Police say he walked out of a student bathroom at a middle school in Decatur on Tuesday, then out the door and down the road. Now, they want to know who this man is and why he was there.

Decatur Police have released a photo of a man who caused alarm at Renfroe Middle School just before 2 p.m. that day when the school resource officer was made aware by a staff member of City Schools of Decatur.

"A staff member reported observing an unknown male exit a student restroom, proceed down the hall and exit the building and walk southbound on Kings Highway," Decatur Police said.

Police said they have no reason, so far, to believe he made contact with any staff or students since no reports have been filed. Video also didn't show any interaction.

However, police did find a fairly clear picture of the man in question on one of the school cameras and they've released it to the public to hopefully get answers. The department he could face consequences for disrupting a public school.

The man is described as a white male in his mid-50s or early-60s  who is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and 155 pounds. Police said he has a slender build and has light-colored hair but is balding.

In the security camera still, he was wearing eyeglasses, a blue short-sleeved button-up shirt, tan pants, and dark shoes.

Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call Sgt. John Bender at 678-553-6684 or email Tips can also be provided to Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta at 404-577-8477 to remain anonymous.


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