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Clemson denies person who drew swastikas at UGA was student

A UGA student says she and her roommate made the disturbing find when they returned to their dorm room after a football game earlier in November.

ATHENS, Ga. — The University of Georgia (UGA) claims that a Clemson University student is responsible for drawing swastikas on residents' doors on campus. But Clemson is now denying claims of any direct tie to the suspect.

A UGA student said that she and her roommate made the disturbing find when they returned to their dorm room after a football game earlier in November. 

The officer on the scene counted 18 doors that could have been vandalized, though there was no immediate proof since the marker prints could be easily erased and were by the time the report was being filed.

Since the swastikas could be easily removed and no damage was reported, the officer said in the report that this incident couldn't be considered a criminal trespass. The university concurred, saying "the University of Georgia has not identified any criminal charges that local authorities are able to pursue at this time."

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However, a report was still filed for informational purposes to assist in any Equal Opportunity Office investigation. An original complaint had already been filed with that office as of Nov. 11, 2019.

UGA later came out to say that the person responsible was a student of Clemson University who was a visitor on campus. UGA officials said the young man has been banned from all UGA campuses. 

"UGA is sharing the investigative report with Clemson University so that Clemson can determine whether this incident violates its student code of conduct," the university released in a statement. "The University of Georgia condemns such offensive and outrageous displays of hate, which have no place on our campus."

However, Clemson has since denied the claim that Clemson has any direct ties to the suspect.

"This individual is not, and has not been enrolled in classes at Clemson," spokesperson Joe Galbraith said. "We’re working with the University of Georgia to gather more information."

A later statement from Clemson University provided more context that may explain the discrepancy between the reports.

Galbraith later the student involved was enrolled at Tri-County Technical College.

"While not a student at Clemson, the individual is enrolled in Tri-County's Bridge to Clemson program," he said. "And as such Clemson has referred the matter to TCTC and has begun its own review of the incident."


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