A DeKalb County principal whose administration faced backlash when students were disciplined for wearing stickers has a new job.

Chamblee Charter High School principal Rebecca Braaten is being reassigned to the Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability division of the DeKalb County School District effective Dec. 17.

It's not clear specifically why she is being reassigned, but the same principal has faced criticism from the public - some people going as far as to sign a Change.org petition to have her removed as principal. It received 2,619 signatures.

The petition points to several concerns that include allegations of hostility and unilateral decisions. 

The criticisms became more public when three students were disciplined for having stickers that called for her to be fired.

The school district said that the students were disciplined for violating the student code of conduct. Two students received verbal warnings and were called in for a parent conference for posting the stickers.

A third student, whose parents are now seeking legal actions, was accused of printing and wearing the stickers.  Their actions were considered a disruption of the school environment though one child said his goal was to find a non-disruptive way to protest the principal.