ATLANTA — It's a question brought up after a middle schooler killed himself because of relentless bullying in New York: Should schools be required to notify parents about bullying?

The parents of that 12-year-old said they had no idea what was going on leading up to their son taking his life.

The Associated Press reports only eight states in the nation require schools to notify parents about possible bulling. Georgia is not one of those states.

Connecticut, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia and Wisconsin all have statewide requirements for schools to notify parents of bullying. When parents are notified about instances of bullying, however, varies.

In Louisiana, a parent must be notified before any student under 18 is interviewed about a report of bullying. In Connecticut, parents must be notified within 48 hours after an investigation of bullying is completed.

Since 11Alive posted the story about the New York incident, reaction has been overwhelming: Parents think schools should not only notify parents about bullying, many think it should be required.

"Seriously," Rachel asked in exasperation. "Yes they should and should be held responsible for their action/lack of action in handling it."

Stephanie posted: "Not only should they be required to report it, they should be required ot have both sets of parents... the bully and the bullied... required to come to the school and discuss it."