NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. -- A local mother alleges her son was physically abused by his teachers and that she has the pictures to prove it.

Now, she said she is taking legal action to get justice for her 8-year-old.

The Newton County mother and her attorney said the situation could have been prevented and that excessive force was uncalled for.

They shared photos of the child's bruised face.

On Sept. 14, Veronica Holmes said her son Quentin was physically assaulted by teachers at Mainstay Academy in Newton County.

He came home complaining about being in pain.

"Then, I asked him where," she said. "He said here and here."

Her son, who has autism attended the academy for its specialized learning and therapeutic services.

The family's attorney said they believe teachers tried to physically restrain Quentin on three separate occasions and used excessive force.

"Putting someone on the floor and forcibly keeping them on the floor until they regain their composure," Attorney Andy Ausband said.

11Alive contacted a spokesperson from Newton County Schools

She said she was unaware of the incident and started looking into it.

We obtained a copy of the report filed by the academy that states the student "continually tried to head-butt staff and hit his face/head on the floor."

The attorney believes the bruises are from excessive force and that the teachers should have used calming measures first instead of physical restraint.

"An eight year old boy should not go to school and be threatened, abused or hurt by teachers," Ausband said.

The child's mother is now home-schooling Quentin until they find another school with specialized learning.

"He doesn't ask to go back to school," she said. "And that's something that he usually [would] do."

Mainstay Academy is part of the Georgia Network for Education with Therapeutic Support (GNETS).

A representative from Newton County Schools said they'll work on providing a statement soon.