Fathers fill the cafeteria at Flat Shoals Elementary School once a month for the All Pro Dad breakfast.

"Having them in the building makes a big difference," Marlon Williams, student support specialist, said. "We're starting to see a difference in student behaviors. We're also seeing the fathers feeling more comfortable to come into the school, and that's been fantastic."

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Kevin Smith attends the breakfast for his two daughters in kindergarten and first grade.

"It seems nowadays that fathers, black fathers especially, are like unicorns, like mythical creatures," Smith told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie. "I think it's a good thing for the children to see us present, as well as for the school and faculty to see us present, as well."

This is a new local chapter of a national organization that encourages fathers to connect with their kids.

Second-grader Chazsity Nichols wrote a poem that proves it's working.

"He's my dad. He's like a star. He holds my arms and hugs me tight," she said as she recited her poem during the most recent breakfast. "He tucks me in and says good night. He kisses me on the head and hugs me more and more. He's my favorite dad. He's my star."

The focus is not only fathers, but father figures.

"There are times when the students don't have fathers in their lives for a variety of reasons, so we have uncles, grandfathers, older brothers, you name it," Williams added. "Sometimes we have staff who will adopt students for the morning."

Donations of food and money are needed to keep the monthly breakfasts going.