CALHOUN, Ga. -- Calhoun High School said their community was never under a viable threat today after a student posted a threatening message on the social media platform Snapchat.

The snap featured a picture of Columbine High School juxtaposed to a student holding a gun. The text on the screen read "Can't wait for lunch." This picture was posted to the Gordon County Scanner blog but the school system has confirmed that it is the threatening post.

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The school district posted a statement on their Facebook page saying "a student at Calhoun High School made an extremely poor judgment in posting a threatening image to social media. Please rest assured that there was no viable threat to our students."

The school's principal later clarified the situation saying, "A student in our law and justice pathway was participating in a curriculum based firearm demonstration with an unloaded weapon belonging to the instructor. The instructor of this pathway is a licensed police officer who legally carries a sidearm on our campus in support of student safety. The student made a lapse in judgment in posting a threatening image on social media and will face appropriate consequences."