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Teen defies odds, gets accepted to Yale

A senior at a tiny Tennessee high school in a low-income area is the first to be accepted to an Ivy League college

A Tennessee teenager is defying the odds after being accepted to Yale University.

David Foster is the first in his family and school to be accepted to an Ivy League college.

"I said why not, I'm smart enough. I believe in myself enough so I went for it and I did it," said Foster.

The high school senior attends Power Center Academy, a charter school located in a Memphis shopping center.

He says he's grateful to his teachers, and is proud of the challenges he's overcome.

"Other people that apply to all Ivy Leagues have a lot more AP classes so we suffer from that being in a low-income community and a different school," said Foster.

Next week, he'll find out if he's going to be granted a full-ride scholarship.

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