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Georgia Degrees Pay launches for prospective Georgia college students

Georgia Degrees Pay holds data from all 26 USG institutions and compares the most researched college statistics from cost of attendance to future earnings.

ATLANTA — Finding the right college just got a little easier for Georgians. The University System of Georgia (USG) recently launched a new website called Georgia Degrees Pay which Board of Regents Chancellor Sonny Perdue said allows users to make critical decisions regarding affordability and value when it comes to higher education. 

Georgia Degrees Pay holds data from all 26 USG institutions. It is a one-stop-shop to compare the most researched college statistics, including the cost of attendance, future earnings and student success. 

The site also points users in the right direction for financial aid with links to resources for free and reduced-cost textbooks, federal aid education and comparative student loan outcomes. 

Through the cost of attendance tool, users can compare student loan outcomes such as the percentage of students who borrow each year, the average amount borrowed each year and the average amount borrowed among bachelor’s degree graduates.

For potential students who might not know where to start when looking at colleges,  the site’s “Find Your School” tool takes current information regarding high school GPA, ACT and SAT scores to generate the school(s) they are most qualified to attend. 

USG says users should compare institutions from the same sector for the best comparative results. The website categorizes all 26 institutions as either research universities, comprehensive universities, state universities or state colleges.

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