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Clint Eastwood's next sports-themed Atlanta movie won't have a rosy ending

The 88-year-old Eastwood has received five Academy Award nominations as a director, with two movies taking home the Oscar.

ATLANTA — Clint Eastwood has a history of doing sports movies with a Georgia angle. 

Look no further the 2012 hit, Trouble With The Curve, co-starring Amy Adams.

However, Eastwood's next sports-themed project with Atlanta ties won't feature such a rosy ending.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-winning actor and director plans to direct a biopic of Richard Jewell, the security guard who had been falsely accused of detonating a device at the Centennial Park bombing incident in 1996, as Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics.


Within a few days of the bombing, Jewell had morphed from 'hero' to 'prime suspect' in the court of public opinion, and the initial media frenzy from this transformation created a narrative that Jewell was guilty.

And even after being cleared in the matter, the negative attention had apparently exacted a great toll of Jewell, who died at age 44 in 2007 (reportedly of a heart attack).

The 88-year-old Eastwood has collected five Academy Award nominations as a director, with two movies (Unforgiven, 1992 ... Million Dollar Baby, 2014) taking home the Oscar.