ATLANTA — The paths of a fictional FBI team and a very real - and very dark - time in Atlanta's history are crossing paths with the latest season of "Mindhunter" on Netflix.

Season two of Netflix's hit true-crime drama moves into disturbingly familiar territory for longtime local residents as it searches for answers in the Atlanta Child Murders. The murders took place between roughly 1979 and 1981 and involved the mysterious deaths of roughly 30 African American children. 

Police eventually arrested Wayne Williams for the murders of two adults tied to the cases. He was sentenced to two life sentences for those deaths but was never tried or convicted of murdering the many children who died around that time. He maintains his innocence in those murders to this day.

An 11Alive investigation even helped spark the city to reopen the investigation and start searching for answers to these old questions - but with new technology.

Mindhunter, however, will take place more closely to the time when the crimes originally happened.

The show is based on "Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit" and follows the early days of criminal profiling with season one taking place in 1977.

Even before season two's premiere, executive producer David Fincher hinted that the Atlanta Child Murders would play a major role. Now, fans of the show will get to see for themselves.

The latest episodes of "Mindhunter" dropped on Netflix, Friday.

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