He's the musical genius who has worked with Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Drake and many more. In Atlanta, he's also known as a fashion trendsetter. Now producer, director, composer and rapper Drumma Boy Fresh is mixing the two industries by creating his own fashion empire in Atlanta.

Before he discovered fashion, there was music. Fresh was born into the music world with his mother being in the opera and his father being in the orchestra. He says he didn’t even know what hip-hop was until the age of ten thanks to an older brother who helped him break into the industry.

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While living in Memphis, he found his calling in music and quickly rose to fame. He says he received a call from a popular rapper Atlanta at the time and knew Atlanta would be his next home.

“I got a call from Pastor Troy and came to Atlanta. I did some things for Boys in the Hood, and then Jeezy,” Fresh said.

Within months, he would become one of the most sought after producers and composers in Atlanta.

“I've been Grammy nominated. One of my first Grammy nominations was I put on for Jeezy, featuring Kanye West. Another nomination was TI's album, Paper Trail which was a Grammy nominated album.”

He has even worked with Kanye West, Drake, Migoz, 2 Chainz, Waka Flaka, Rick Ross and so many more.

Riding around and I'm getting it with 2 Chainz, Rocko’s song I'mma do me, No hands by Waka Flocka. It's just a blessing to move people with music and now I'm moving them through fashion,” Fresh said.

Fashion is now what the Trap O.G. has now become a staple for in the music industry . And because of that, the artist turned business man has merged the two industries to create his exclusive boutique, The House of Fresh

“I like to supply the demand and when you see the demand in something like this, you go for it." Fresh continued, “man I have so many homeboys that have to drive 40 minutes to go get something to wear to the club. They say, ‘damn I missed the mall because of the traffic. They leave the studio at 8:30 and go to Buckhead from this side of town and they just get caught up in traffic.”

Seeing a need, the music mogul built the ultimate one-stop-shop. His clothing store, House of Fresh, would be the one place that artists and the public could come even when most stores were closed. The store is open to anyone during operating hours but it becomes exclusive for VIP members. The VIP amenities include barber and shower services, access until midnight and an experience that will make anyone feel like the celebrities Fresh works with everyday.

House of Fresh is located at 1170 Howell Mill Rd., NW Atlanta, Ga. 30318.