Anthony Mickel's 18-month run as a fugitive ended during a late night card game 400 miles away.

Mickel was wanted for the murder of his girlfriend, Clotell Rose Bohler. According to Forest Park Police, on June 24th of last year Mickel and Bohler were arguing at the Atlanta Airport Hotel. 

The couple had a 5-month-old child. They had been living in the hotel for a couple of months.

Whatever the fight was about, it turned deadly. Police say Mickel shot Bohler in the head. Bohler was in ICU for six days before passing away.

"It's just a senseless crime," said Forest Park Police Capt. James Delk.

Anthony Mickel Mug

"It's hard for me to fathom, what would cause someone to do that to the mother of their child."

Almost immediately, Mickel was named a suspect. Arrest warrants were taken out, but the suspect was nowhere to be found.

A year and a half later and more than 400 miles away, Mickel's run ended.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputies were called to a report of illegal gambling at a laundry facility at an apartment complex. When they arrived, a handgun was visible on top of a washer and dryer.

As soon as law enforcement entered the facility, the gamblers fled. Deputies caught up to one man who they say tried to hide his gun behind a vehicle.

It turns out, the man they arrested was wanted for murder.

According to the Clayton County Sheriff's Office, in the near future "Mickel will be brought back to Clayton County."