FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Fulton County Animal Control is investigating allegations of horse abuse, with a owner who has faced allegations of animal cruelty in the past. Brandon Fulton is accused of leaving a horse inside a cramped trailer for a day and a half.  

The horse trailer is parked near Camp Creek Parkway alongside a muddy patch of farmland. Inside, 11Alive's Doug Richards spotted the mare Monday at midday that a horse rescue group had spent much of last year rehabilitating from a previous abuse case.

An 11Alive reporter visits a horse reportedly locked in a trailer for one and a half days.

The property belongs to Brandon Fulton, a man who sometimes calls himself the "urban cowboy" and who has faced and has beaten animal abuse charges in recent years.  

Brandon George Fulton

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In this case, Candace Taylor says she saw the horse locked in the trailer without water Saturday night. 

"There was a lot of kicking, stomping. A lot of agitation in the trailer," Taylor said. "One of our major concerns was the horse had no access to water. She did have hay in the trailer but without access to water you’re running a large health risk there for GI issues. The horse is unable to turn around or lay down."

Brandon Fulton says he put the horse in the trailer.  

"I’m a great man. Of wisdom, knowledge and integrity," Fulton said during a rambling conversation with 11Alive on Monday. "I don’t know about no horse being in the trailer since Saturday night."

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Fulton is a chatty individual who says he has ongoing issues with local government and sometimes with the news media. But he says he loves horses – and was training the horse locked in the trailer.

"I’ve been to trial several times. A horse can go 72 hours without water," Fulton said. "I train horses to get in and out of trailers. I put that horse in the trailer to make sure she eats all her food."  Fulton added that he has given the horse water periodically. 

"I think that’s a very bizarre thing," Taylor said, when asked about Fulton's claim he was training the horse. 

Shortly after our interview, Mr. Fulton released the horse. 

Fulton County says it opened another animal abuse investigation based on the complaint.

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