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Legend: You'll see a ghost if you stand on this bridge at night

There's a mystery rising from the water in Helen, Georgia. Locals say don't walk this bridge... unless you're ready to face whatever it is calling out after dark. We're going ghost hunting.

HELEN, Ga. — There's a mystery rising from Chickamauga Creek in North Georgia. Locals say don't cross the Stovall Mill Covered Bridge unless you're ready to face whatever it is calling out after dark.

The tattered wooden walking bridge has survived for a century. Legend has it, if you stand on it the bridge at night you'll hear a ghost.

“You’ll hear horse-drawn carriages coming across the bridge, or you'll hear babies crying,” explained Andy Straight.

Straight's day job is Chief of Police a few counties over -  but his hobby is ghost hunting. He said he's found similarities in his techniques used for both criminal and paranormal investigations.

“Patience and learning how to be calm in sometimes an awkward situation,” he added.

Straight believes it’s possible the Stovall Mill Covered Bridge may be haunted. More than a century ago a great flood washed away a nearby mill, possibly killing many in its wake. 

The uncertainty leaves behind a generations-old ghost story. Straight is ready to investigate.

11Alive recorded his paranormal investigation with our 360 camera.  See the full search and judge for yourself by clicking here.

\We also invited Paranormal Georgia Investigations to examine the bridge to compare findings. You can watch our recording of their exploration.

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