Tucked into the shadow of Stone Mountain, there's a home that's known for seeing its share of paranormal activity.

Stillwell House, circa 1820, is believed to be one of the oldest structures in Stone Mountain Village. Historians report the site was originally an inn and later use as a Confederate hospital in the Civil War. The site was later a home for Rev. Jacob Stillwell and his wife Mary, according to recent owner Mary Stowell.

It also has a reputation for being a place where spirits linger.

"We didn't really believe in hauntings," owner Stowell said, when she and her husband purchased the site in 2014. "I thought we were tired, it was a crazy coincidence," she said of the unusual activity that started happening during the site renovation.

"Things were moving around, doors were slamming shut," Stowell, who has no relation to the Stillwell family, said.

Now Stowell and her husband Ralph are more convinced, believing Rev. Stillwell, in particular, still resides on the property.

"We still think he's here," Stowell said. "We've had several paranormals and psychics tell us he's here."

The couple has had visitors who've seen Stillwell's appearance and teams like Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigators have recorded other activity at the home.

"We actually got an electronic voice phenomenon up there from Rev. Stillwell," Ed Laughlin, with Ghosts of Georgia, said of the upstairs bedroom, now dubbed the Stillwell room. "They've had activity around this desk like the chair moving."

"Spirits are energy, and they pick up as energy on our electromagnetic meters," Laughlin said, adding the team measures activity with an EDI device that can pick up changes in pressure, temperatures and energy. Investigators also capture images with infrared cameras.

Laughlin said the goal is delivering answers to the homeowner, whether activity is paranormal or not.

"They may think it's paranormal, and some things are," Laughlin explained. But other electromagnetic pulses can be explained by electronic or other devices, which is why the team comes in to troubleshoot.

For the Stowell's, they're content with not knowing, having always had what they call "friendly" encounters with their resident spirits.

"The kind of crazy or sad thing about paranormal and old and historic," Stowell said. "You never really know the whole story."