LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — This month is National Mentoring month, Gwinnett County Public Schools sees it as an opportunity to better connect with its Hispanic population.

"What better way than implementing a mentoring program," said Nury Crawford Director of Academic Support Gwinnett County Public Schools. 

Crawford is starting the Hispanic Mentoring Program for the district.

"As I worked and as I taught I realized different challenges came up to the Hispanic Community," Crawford said. 

Last school year, more than 900 Hispanic students dropped out of school. That's more than any other group.

"And it's important for them to see that they have a place here. And where our Hispanic Mentoring Program comes in to help students to see in connect," Dr. Yvette Arthur said. 

The program will start at the sixth grade level. Lilburn Middle School is one of four middle schools where the program will launch. For Dr. Yvette Arthur, principal of Lilburn Middle, this will have a tremendous impact. She said her school is more than 70% Latino.

"Some of our students have most recently come to America," Dr. Arthur said.

Dr. Arthur hopes the program will gain mentors who the kids can relate to.

"Sometimes seeing that and hearing that from someone who has walked their walk and looks like them, just makes a world of difference," Dr. Arthur said. 

Mentors only have to make a one-year commitment. There is a high demand for mentors before the January 29th launch.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, reach out to Nurry Crawford at (770) 277-4498.

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