The star is officially atop the tree at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, marking the busy holiday travel season. But the airport has more than decorations to help passengers beat the holiday blues.

For the next month, passengers flying through the bustling airport will be able to enjoy decorations and festive tunes while they wait.

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We're going to have carolers. We're going to provide gifts and sweet treats to our visitors,: Michael Smith, Senior Deputy Director for the airport said. "We're also encouraging people to shop. If you notice, we have some very successful musicians they rotate throughout the concourses."

According to Smith, the musicians help relax passengers as they rotate through the various terminals and concourses.

It's a sight passenger Dotty Pope welcomed as she arrived for her return flight to Denver Wednesday.

"I think it's great. it's awesome I walked in and the music got you going," Pope said.

Familiar faces include Mickey Mouse and Santa were also seen walking the concourse to the delight of the airport's smallest passengers.

"Really during the holiday season or traveling anytime can be stressful period. What we try to do is get everybody joyful and relaxed,: Smith said. "If you look behind me and the faces of the kids, they just enjoy the characters that we have, that helps them to be relaxed, helps them to be comfortable and of course, their parents."

While the holiday fun can't prevent the "Grinch" of airport travel-delays and cancellations-the hope is the airport gets passengers' trip off on the right foot.

"Well, I say you keep the Grinch out by wearing a cheerful smile," Smith said, "and hopefully the Grinch will stay away, and we'll have great weather throughout the country as we did on the holidays just past for Thanksgiving."

Travelers can also take advantage of post-security gift wrapping be provided at center points in the concourses from Dec. 12 through Dec. 24. Airport officials say the service is available to gifts purchased at the airport.