For the last 18 months, 11Alive's Brendan Keefe has spotlighted how flaws in the 911 system are costing lives. Now, a national voice is joining the cause: John Oliver.

The host of HBO's Last Week Night devoted a large portion of his show to the same issues 11Alive has uncovered in its Peabody Award-winning series Lost on the Line: Why 911 is broken.

11Alive Chief Investigator began the investigation after the death of Shannell Anderson. The 31-year-old died after accidentally driving into a residential pond in December 2014. Anderson struggled inside her sinking SUV for 20 minutes as 911 searched for her phone's location.

Nearly one year later, another Georgia man lost his life when 911 struggled to find him as his car filled with water.

The problem isn't limited to Georgia. a USA Today/Gannett/Tegna investigation found 911 had problems finding callers in numerous states.

That's unacceptable to Oliver. More than half of his show on Sunday addressed the numerous problems with the 911 system. The show included numerous clips from 11Alive's stories.

"While Georgia law does require an actual committee to help develop plans for 911, it's not exactly a robust body," Oliver said before rolling a clip of Keefe in an empty Georgia committee room.

“This blasé attitude is indicative of the fact that until we’re explicitly confronted with the challenges facing 9-1-1, it seems we’re not going to do anything about them," Oliver said.

Watch Oliver's full commentary (Warning: this is an HBO show, and it does contain very adult language)

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