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La. high school senior dies of overdose days before graduation

"When they might just be thinking they're going to have a temporary high, it could kill you,” said Sheriff Turlich.

BELLE CHASSE, La. — The senior class at Belle Chasse High School is grieving tonight after losing a classmate just days before graduation.

Now the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating her death. Deputies want to know who sold what may be the deadly drug fentanyl to the teenager.

“You have chocolate on your face,” you can hear a father say on home video to his toddler.

The video is now a precious, treasured memory of a father and his little girl. Last Friday, that father had to give his little girl, now a high school senior, CPR to try and save her life.

Tuesday, Hailey Deickman's mother and sisters told her goodbye at her hospital bedside. She was just 18. It is believed she took half of a street pill sold as a prescription Percocet, but it was possibly one of those counterfeit pills flooding the streets.

“We had two young females take what appears to be maybe fentanyl,” said Plaquemines Parish Sheriff, Jerry Turlich, Jr.

The other girl is said to be OK. The Belle Chasse High School community is grieving.

“We had grief counselors on-site first thing this morning. The teachers are going through a lot. They're the ones I'm really worried about because they have to be strong for their students,” Belle Chasse High School Principal Jemi Carlone said.

Thursday, the Plaquemines Sheriff's Department will talk with Hailey's classmates as they gather at a commencement rehearsal.

“We do want them to understand the realities of what they're taking. When they might just be thinking they're going to have a temporary high, it could kill you,” Sheriff Turlich said.

The Plaquemines school system is arranging follow-up counseling and education.

“It's definitely heartbreaking. What else can we do? What else can we provide to make students aware of what is out there?” said Mary Ellen Hamner, Special Education Director in Plaquemines Parish Schools, about the programs they are providing for students.

"They’re scared and they're listening, so that's the two things we have to take advantage of,” said Carlone, about teaching students about the dangers of these street drugs.

Hailey had already picked out her classes and roommate for the fall at UNO.

“It's been one of the toughest days of my career. Last night, I brought her cap and gown to the ICU for her mother,” Carlone said.

Now the straight-A student is an organ donor and will only be at her high school commencement in spirit.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Department plans to look into a murder charge if they find the dealer who sold the students the pills.

To view Hailey Deickman's Go Fund Me click here.

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