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11Alive viewers share the ways they're making the most of coronavirus quarantining

While some are having a hard time adjusting, some viewers have found the silver lining and are sharing how they are making the most of it.

ATLANTA — Being confined to our homes is new for most of us. Georgians have been under a statewide shelter-in-place order for nearly two weeks now.

It's an adjustment that has not been easy for many. While some may be having a hard time, 11Alive's La’Tasha Givens shows how some viewers have found the silver lining and are sharing how they are making the most of it.

Take April Showers, who is working from home for the first time. Though it's a new experience, she feels she's becoming more proficient.

"I have learned to do the job a little bit easier," she shared with 11Alive. "I’m finding innovative ways to sort files."

Rhonda Kay is a nurse by day. But during the pandemic, she's giving her time teaching future nurses by teaching online.

"I’m fine tuning tools that we can use in the future at the work place," she said.

Then, there are those who are taking the time to develop new skills altogether. The #quarantinecooking has been trending - with more people cooking from home than ever before.

Like "Hibachi Dad," who’s taking his role very seriously, filing homes with laughter to lighten the mood right now.

And then there's the balcony ballroom dancing in the midst of bubbles - it brought joy to these Sandy Spring neighbors who watched the show from their apartments.


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