ATLANTA — Across the nation, parents and children are adjusting to a new normal as many schools have closed their doors during the coronavirus outbreak

Gov. Brian Kemp has even signed an executive order that would close all public schools across the state until the end of the month. 

So as many parents are now overseeing their children's lessons, one Atlanta mom has gone viral for transforming her basement into her own version of a school, the "Corona Academy."

Photos are circulating on Facebook of Glachelle Barks' three boys, showing them attending the academy - of course in their uniforms.

The boys posed for their "First Day" of class photos and the teacher, "Miss Mama," even serves as the school's counselor, principal, nurse, and P.E. coach - that's according to the sign on her desk.

Barks' sister made the Facebook post, which now has more than 25,000 shares.

She even posted a photo of the class schedule, incorporating lunch, exercise and other activities.


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