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Frequently asked questions about Georgia's stay-at-home order

The order continues through April 13.

ATLANTA — The governor's office released these commonly asked questions about the executive order signed that mandates all Georgia residents to stay at home until April 13 in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Do I need a letter to prove that I can keep working?

No. You do not need a letter from your employer or the government to prove that you fall into one of the exceptions for Essential Services, Necessary Travel, Critical Infrastructure, or Minimum Basic Operations.

If you have questions about Critical Infrastructure, please contact the Department of Economic Development. You can email covidcomments@georgia.org for assistance or visit georgia.org 

What happens if I  violate the Governor's Executive Order?

If you violate any of the terms of the order, you are committing a misdemeanor, which is a crime in the state of Georgia. For example, if you are not sheltering in place and none of the for exceptions for Essential Services, Necessary Travel, Critical Infrastructure, or Minimum Basic Operations applies to your activities, you will receive a warning from law enforcement and risk facing criminal charges if you fail to comply. 

What does this order mean for church services and funeral services?

No business, establishment, for-profit or non-profit corporation, organization, or county or municipal government is allowed to have more than ten (10) people gathering in a single location unless there is at least six (6) feet between each person at all times. This rule applies to church services and funeral services.

Unfortunately, several community outbreaks can be directly attributed to recent, in-person church services and funeral services. Public health officials strongly discourage gathering of people for these services due to the high risk of transmission of novel coronavirus. For elderly Georgians and the chronically ill, exposure to novel coronavirus can be deadly. Please comply with the Governor's order to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Can I go to state parks or play sports outside like golf? 

Yes. You can visit state parks and play sports outside, inclduing golf, subject to certain restrictions. Gatherings of more than ten (10) people are banned unless there is at least six (6) feet between each person at all times. If people congregate in certain areas of a state park or golf course, for example, law enforcement will warn them to disband. If they fail to comply, they may face criminal charges. 


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