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Breaking down Georgia's COVID-19 death statistics

One viewer simply asked: "How many right now are still dying?"

ATLANTA — As Gov. Brian Kemp continues to share positive drops in the number of hospitalized patients and ventilator use, we can’t forget the lives that are being lost to this virus. 

One viewer simply asked: "How many right now are still dying?"

The Reveal Investigator Rebecca Lindstrom turned to the numbers to answer that question.

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As of May 12, we know of 1,461 people that died in Georgia from COVID19.

And 65 percent of those people were 70 years of age or older. But here’s a breakdown by decade. 

While more women have been diagnosed with COVID19, slightly more men have died. 

Nearly two-thirds of those who have died had some kind of underlying health condition. The most common comorbidities have been cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic lung illness. 

And half of those who died in Georgia are African American.

But what the viewer probably wanted to know, and the question that really lies at the heart of all this is - are things getting any better? 

The answer? Right now, yes. 

Here’s why: In the worst week in mid-April, the state had on average, 35 people dying every day. So our fatality rate has certainly dropped below that. Last week we had on average about 28 deaths per day and this week that number was down to around 22 people each day that died with a connection to COVID-19.

A viewer also asked how this information is collected and who gets counted. So we went to the Department of Public Health to get answers.

As with all of the DPH data, the death statistics are not real time. We find out when DPH finds out, but the person could have died days before. 

The state said it’s getting these numbers from hospital and coroner reports, as well as death certificates. And the number includes probable cases – people who had an illness consistent with COVID-19 when they died - even if they never had a lab test to prove it.

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