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Emory Healthcare confirms it has admitted its first positive coronavirus patient

This is what we know.

ATLANTA — Emory Healthcare confirms it has admitted their first patient who has tested positive for COVID-19.

They did not give specifics on which hospital the patient was admitted nor how they may have contracted the illness.  

"The coronavirus situation remains fluid and we are prepared to see more admissions and ambulatory visits moving forward," a hospital spokesperson said. 

According to the hospital, patients who test "presumptive positive," depending on their condition, may or may not remain in the hospital. In other instances, the hospital said they may be sent home for quarantine in coordination with Georgia Department of Public Health to await confirmation from the CDC.

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Emory reassured staff are following all protocols and safety measures to keep patients, their families and staff safe. It added that they are "fully prepared and equipped" to treat any patient who tests positive for the virus that requires hospital care. 

"We are following all established screening protocols and have implemented infection control best practices throughout the health system," the hospital said. "Emory Healthcare has unique expertise with infectious disease care and research and we are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation."

Though the hospital is reporting the case, the Department of Public Health has not yet confirmed it as an official positive case. So far, the official number of cases of coronavirus in the state stands at six.


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