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Coronavirus fatigue is a real thing | Here are some tips on how to manage it

Right now, so many people are over the pandemic and the efforts to stay safe from COVID-19 are weighing so many down.

ATLANTA — It's been nine months since the coronavirus entered our state. Right now, so many people are over the pandemic, and the efforts to stay safe from COVID-19 are weighing so many down.

11Alive's La'Tasha Givens spoke to a doctor who is not only leading phase one of a COVID vaccine trial in south Georgia, but he's also bringing attention and tips to what's now known as "caution fatigue."

"We are ready for life to get back to life, regular, normal life. I do miss having a social life ... just tired of being home and tired of being afraid to go anywhere," one couple, Vassier Serrano and her husband DJHershey, told 11Alive. They got married this year, but couldn't have a honeymoon because of the pandemic.

"Yes it's very frustrating, it was hard, to be honest. The last day of me working on a TV set was March the 13th," explained Lillie Young, who had to find a "new normal" when the Georgia film industry was forced to shut down.

"I am so sick of taking my temperature," explained Yolanda, who has to give a fever check to every client before she can start a meeting.

Whether it's constantly washing hands, cleaning items before and after they're being used, or wearing a mask for hours a day - COVID-19 is taking a toll on many of us. 

"When we first heard about it, it was new to everybody, it frightened everybody. Cities shut down, countries shut down. We went into total quarantine," explained Dr. James Rogan. "We became very vigilant about what was necessary." 

Eight months later, Rogan said "caution fatigue" is setting in. 

"Caution fatigue is sort of like a defense mechanism used by people who are under a lot of stress and anxiety," Rogan explained.

Dr. Rogan said it's a normal reaction from living in a constant state of high-alert while trying to protect yourself from harm. He said that can turn into reverse behavior like throwing caution to the wind and not protecting yourself at all. 

"What people are doing is they’re being less motivated to follow the safety guidelines associated with COVID," Rogan stated. 

Here are some ways Rogan believes will help manage caution fatigue. 

1. Use the same energy to focus on your overall health - such as building up your immune system, managing chronic illness, or getting into the shape you desire - all of which make you a stronger contender against COVID-19.

2. Invest extra time in your mental and spiritual well being. 

3. Remember that it won't last forever. Your efforts will impact the greater good.