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Georgia has dramatically increased number of COVID-19 tests

The curve has been trending upward over the past week, but stayed steady Tuesday. An explanation health officials gives is for the upward trend is more testing.

ATLANTA — We now know that Memorial Day gatherings and the impact of protests are starting to show up in to our COVID-19 data.

Georgia's curve has been trending upward over the past week, but stayed steady Tuesday.

The graph below shows the progression of COVID-19 cases since mid-March. The section in orange shows the cases from the past week, and the dotted line indicates the 14-day moving average.  

Credit: Georgia DPH
Here's a look at Georgia COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

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One of the explanations public health officials keep giving us for the upward trend, is that the state is testing more.

Here's a look at how testing factors in over the past month.

The bars in orange in the graph below are those positive for the virus, and the teal shows the total number tests given.

Credit: GA DPH
Here's a look at Georgia COVID-19 tests as June 15, 2020.0

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What this tells us is that that we have dramatically increased the number of tests.

One month ago Georgia had completed 260,000 COVID-19 tests. As of Monday, that number had risen to 625,000. That is a 139 percent increase in the number of tests administered across Georgia.

However, the number of people contracting coronavirus has stayed pretty steady in relationship to that.

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We will track the most important coronavirus elements relating to Georgia on this page. Refresh often for new information.


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