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Georgia COVID-19 cases, deaths tick up over last week

Our numbers team Friday noticed a few changes over the past week we want highlight for you.

ATLANTA — 11Alive is committed to bringing you facts, not fear, especially when it comes to how the virus is spreading in Georgia.

Our numbers team Friday noticed a few changes over the past week we want highlight for you.

Let's start with new cases. The past two days, we've seen a slight uptick in new cases reported. The dotted line is our rolling average. It helps even out those dips we often see on the weekends and spikes early in the week.

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But here's why this is important today. Look at the most recent data in orange.
We've now seen four above-average days in the past week. It's not cause for alarm ... yet. But we want see those new cases going down, not up.

Credit: WXIA

We also noticed a change in the number of deaths we're seeing. Again, the past week is the area highlighted in orange. Just a few days ago, that number was trending down. But in just the past day, 78 more deaths were reported - marking the fourth-highest daily total so far. We're going to watch that number closely over the next few days.

Credit: WXIA

11Alive has a whole team of journalists committed to bringing you the very best perspective possible. 

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If you have a question about the data, send us an email to WhereATLSpeaks@11alive.com and we'll work to get you answers.

11Alive is focusing our news coverage on the facts and not the fear around the virus. We want to keep you informed about the latest developments while ensuring that we deliver confirmed, factual information.

We will track the most important coronavirus elements relating to Georgia on this page. Refresh often for new information.

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