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Two and a half weeks after Memorial Day, COVID-19 data ticks back up in Georgia

In Georgia we're seeing cases tick back up, one of nearly 30 states where cases are rising in the wake of reopenings, Memorial Day crowds and mass protests.

ATLANTA — With daily life restored to varying degrees across the country, we're now beginning to see the effects that could have on the spread of the coronavirus.

In Georgia we're seeing cases tick back up, one of nearly 30 states where cases are rising in the wake of reopenings, Memorial Day crowds and mass protests.

It's too soon to attribute case data to the protests, experts tell us, but enough time has passed to trace at least some of the rise to Memorial Day weekend - giving us a potential preview of how mass demonstrations could also have an impact.

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Here's a look at the number of new cases each day in our state. Check out the section in orange - it highlights the past week, and shows that five of the last seven days are above the running average, marked by the dotted line. And the two below average days were both on the weekend, when reporting typically dips.

Credit: WXIA

In the last seven days, we've seen an average of 726.57 new cases reported every day. The previous seven days, we saw an average of 608 newly reported cases each day.

Sometimes we see an uptick in cases because of increased testing, so we also want to look at hospitalizations - because more testing doesn't impact this.

This data helps us confirm how COVID-19 is still spreading in Georgia.

The number of people currently in the hospital is also pointing slightly back up after mostly trending downward since May 1.

Credit: WXIA

There's some other supporting data - according to reports put out by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, as of June 10 general inpatient hospital bed availability was down to 24 percent statewide. 

That's the lowest number it's been since the state started tracking such data, though it's worth noting that other indicators of coronavirus spread - ventilator use and critical care bed capacity - have not shown significant movements.

In another week, we should start to see how cases and hospitalizations related to infections from protests start to appear in our data.

11Alive is focusing our news coverage on the facts and not the fear around the virus. We want to keep you informed about the latest developments while ensuring that we deliver confirmed, factual information. 

We will track the most important coronavirus elements relating to Georgia on this page. Refresh often for new information. 


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