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Tricks to enjoy Halloween treats safely amid the coronavirus pandemic

If your child wants to dress up, Dr. Colleen Kraft suggested choosing a masked costume.

ATLANTA — Doctors with Emory University Healthcare said they want families to start thinking about how they will celebrate Halloween during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Colleen S. Kraft, MD works as an Associate Chief Medical Officer at Emory University Hospital and an Associate Professor at Emory University School of Medicine.

Kraft said if you plan to host trick-or-treat'ers this Halloween, it's best to use candy slides or grabber hooks to safely pass out the goodies.

If your child wants to dress up, Kraft suggested choosing an already masked costume.

When the time comes to sort through your child's candy collection, Kraft said it's best to use food-service gloves. To be extra safe, allow the bowl to sit for 24-hours prior to touching the wrappers, to allow for any germs to die.

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If you still feel uneasy, Kraft said this is a great opportunity to start a new tradition with neighbors, such as a trunk-or-treat.

As far as attractions, like haunted houses, unless an event specifically advertises COVID-19 precautions, Kraft said, it's best to avoid.

“I think if there is a haunted path outside or something that has been intentionally created to keep some of that social distance, those are ok," she said.  "But if there is no indication that they are thinking about the pandemic in the orchestration of the haunted house, those should be avoided.” 

Kraft said if your child's costume does not already come with a mask, she strongly recommends incorporating one.

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