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Financial expert's advice on stimulus getting your checks: Double check your info, have patience

While some people have received the checks, many others are still waiting.

ATLANTA — Americans are anxious to get the stimulus checks voted on by Congress - the package provides up to $1,200 per person, or $2,400 per couple. 

While some people have received the checks, many others are still waiting.

But financial expert Andrew Poulos told 11Alive there's no way the US government will be able to get checks out to every American who is eligible for one by the end of the day.

"Stimulus checks have gone out. Not everyone is going to get them on the same day, so people need to be patient. I know that's not the word our viewers want to hear from me," Poulos explained.

Poulos said if you're using direct deposit, it may be closer to the end of next week, but he thinks people receiving paper checks could be waiting until June.

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The IRS has been working on a portal system on their website that would allow people to check the status of their check, add bank account information or update the information.

Poulos said it's important everyone makes sure their bank account and address are accurate on the site. There's also a spot for people who didn't file taxes to get registered as well.

"Folks who are under the limit and don't file, they can go on there and enter their information to get the check electronically," Poulos explained.

While many Americans will celebrate the short term relief, Poulos said everyone should be concerned about the long-term effects of this stimulus package.

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"What is going to be the aftermath of all of this down the road that all of us as a society are going to face?" he asked. "We are giving out money, and that's great because people need it, but what's going to be the aftermath?"

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