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Kids across the country cope with quarantine

"I really miss school actually, I never thought I'd say that."

There’s nothing quite like being a kid, but kids today are living in a different world. As of March 25, 184 countries have shut down school due to COVID-19. This is affecting 1.5 billion learners across the U.S. alone, and impacting more than 90 percent of the world’s student population.

Having to stay at home means missing birthday parties, school friends, and long awaited trips. To know what it’s really been like to be a kid in the era of quarantine, we asked them to document how they are spending their time.

Teddy (13), Michael (10), Alex (10), North Carolina

Brothers Teddy, Michael, and Alex turn to music to keep themselves occupied while at home. Their favorite songs to play are by the Beatles. “Beatles songs just find a way into my heart and it’s very heartwarming,” explained Alex. 

They say their goal is to lighten the mood during these hard times. “We just love making everyone feel good and make light out of this whole pandemic that nobody likes,” said Michael.

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Mia (13), Declan (13), Zoe (11), California

This California family goes on walks and shoots hoops in California sunshine to pass the time. Inside, Zoe has been able to visit with her friends through group video chats, while Declan spends time practicing guitar. Mia got the lead role in her school’s production of “High School Musical.” She said her class worked hard all year in anticipation for the show.

“We even went on Saturdays to build sets and stuff. So we are really committed, but [the show] had to be canceled because of the Coronavirus,” said Mia. 

Now like many others, she is finishing her classwork online.

“I like going to school because my teachers are there to support me whenever I need them and they’ll always help,” said Mia, “online you can’t really do that because you have to email them, and sometimes you just have to wait till the next Zoom call.”

Credit: WXIA

Katelyn (12), Texas

Katelyn goes to Community Montessori School in Georgetown, Texas. She’s been staying busy by doing art projects and crafts. She says she is ready to see her friends again and go back to school. 

“No one saw this coming. I just want everything to go back to normal,” said Katelyn.

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Anne Louis (11), Spencer (9), North Carolina

Schooling from home means Anne Louis and Spencer get to sleep in. 

“We got up at 6:30, 6:45, now we get up at like 9 AM or 10 or sometimes 11,” said Spencer. 

They like to play outside, watch TV, and take walks. Their aunt recently got a new puppy. 

“We’ve enjoyed playing with the puppy when she brings her over,” said Anne Louis.

Gavin (11), Gresham (8), Texas 

These brothers both celebrated their birthday in quarantine. 

“I had a sign that said Happy Birthday, Gresham! And had 8 on it because I’m 8 years old,” said Gresham. 

Instead of having a birthday party, he got to play with his toys all day.

Jack (14), Georgia

Jack is about to finish his 8th grade year. 

“I really miss my friends and I really miss school,” said Jack.

“Actually I never thought I’d say that before.” 

Once classes are over for the day, he plays Xbox, plays with his dog, or practices the guitar. He has been able to spend a lot of time with his family indoors, and when they go on walks. 

“It’s been about a month since I got a haircut which is why my hair looks like a mop,” joked Jack.

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Blair (4), North Carolina

Blair stays busy playing with her baby brother and checking in with her grandma. She rides her bike outside and learns her letters and numbers. She is hoping the virus goes away in the summer. 

“Then I can go back and see my friends and do science,” said Blair.

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