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Stacey Abrams weighs in on why Biden should pick woman of color as running mate

In the NBC News podcast "Into America", Abrams was asked about whether Biden needs to have a black woman on the ticket.

ATLANTA — Presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to choose a woman as his running mate and one name floated often is Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams.

In the NBC News podcast "Into America," Abrams explains how a woman of color could help Biden in an election impacted by COVID-19.

"I believe a woman of color could help Vice President Biden turn out voters who want to see themselves reflected in the ticket itself," Abrams said. "And I think that, particularly, given how vicious this pandemic has been to the black community, to the Latino community and to the Native American community, it is going to be critical that someone on the ticket can speak to their experiences and also speak to their particular needs when it comes to recovery."

You can listen to the full interview at NBCNews.com.


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