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Alabama couple travels to Georgia for COVID vaccine

The couple said they said they don't feel that they were pushing anybody out by crossing the state line.

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. — Some people are willing to drive hours and cross state lines to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. Mark and Connie Wallace are one step closer to being protected from COVID-19.

"This is just God's grace as far as I'm concerned," said Mark Wallace. "I don't believe in luck, coincidence, chance, karma. I believe in God's grace."

Last weekend, the couple drove almost two hours from their home in Shelby County, Ala., to Carroll County, Ga., to get vaccinated.

"They knew that we were coming from out of state and they said that that was fine," Connie Wallace said. "So, we didn't feel like we were pushing anybody else out, which we didn't want to do."

Mark Wallace said he made it a priority to get his wife, Connie, vaccinated. She has underlying health issues.

After countless searches, he was able to book an appointment online with a Georgia Publix Pharmacy.

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"I'd actually been on Florida's site, trying to get a vaccine for her in Bay County," he said. "I would have gone 8 hours away if I had to."

After the shot, it was a moment of gratitude.

"I started thinking Connie was having a reaction because she was getting so emotional," he said. "But it was not from the shot, it was again just--"

His wife interrupted him. 

"I was excited and very thankful that we were able to get it," she said.

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To remember that thankfulness, they plan to hold on to their vaccine appointment card.

"This card is going in that Blessing Box," Mark said. "This is another one of those great blessings that we have gotten from God."

The Wallaces say they plan to travel back to Georgia next month for their second dose.