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Surge in COVID-19 cases among vaccinated Georgians

New data reveals breakthrough cases have nearly doubled in the last week.

ATLANTA — New data from the Georgia Department of Public Health is now showing a growing number of vaccinated Georgians who have not gotten their booster shot are testing positive for COVID-19. The state's latest numbers on breakthrough cases reveal that the booster could be the key to not getting Omicron.

DPH's report shows the number of breakthrough cases has nearly doubled in just one week. According to medical experts, a breakthrough case refers to anyone who is fully vaccinated or boosted that tests positive for COVID-19. 

The data shows that the unvaccinated are still the most at risk for the omicron and delta variants, making up about 60% of new cases, but the surprising surge is among those who have gotten their shots. However, the report proves that boosters are helping. Breakthrough cases for those without the booster are seven times higher.

Atlanta Physician Dr. Frita Fisher said the data shows just how important is it undergo the full vaccination series.

“It tells me that this omicron variant is evading some of our natural immunities, as well as the immunity with the vaccination. But what it’s also telling me is that it's not evading the booster," added Fisher.

According to DPH, people who are boosted make up just 3% of breakthrough infections, which is why public health officials are begging people to get them.

“We are now breaking records with cases of COVID-19. We have our hospital systems under stress. We have deaths climbing. It's critical that you get the booster if you're eligible," said Fisher.

While the unvaccinated remain the most at risk, experts said fully vaccinated and boosted people are still at risk and should take preventative measures seriously.

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