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What to avoid during the coronavirus pandemic

Health experts say it is important to limit your interactions with others to help prevent the spread

ATLANTA — As coronavirus cases spread, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about using social distancing as a way to slow down the outbreak. Health experts are recommending keeping six feet between you, if possible. 

Yet, many of you still have questions on how far you should apply this to your everyday life, such as whether you should go to a doctor’s appointment or a hair appointment.

Infectious disease expert Patty Olinger says the most important thing right now is to limit your interactions with others. 

The CDC is urging any gatherings of 50 people or more to be postponed or canceled for the next eight weeks. 

So, what should you avoid right now? Large group gatherings, crowded retail stores, malls, some gyms and theaters.

"Whether it's a doctor's appointment or getting your hair done, you know, if you can postpone it for these next couple of weeks, as CDC is wanting us to limit our interactions, then that might be the right thing to do," says Olinger. 

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Getting dinner from a restaurant? Consider takeout or delivery. 

If you're going to the grocery store, make sure to wash your hands afterward. If you're using disinfectant wipes, follow the label instructions. 

"On the label it will say, it should be wet for five or two or ten minutes the surface, so make sure the surface is wet for that amount of time," Olinger added. 

Isolated activities with a few people, like going for a walk with your family or playing in your yard get the green light at this time. 

"If you and your significant other are going for a walk in the mountains and there's nobody else around, you really don't have to worry about that, but on the other hand if you are going to a picnic where there's people there, a lot of people, you know, again that close interaction is what we are trying to avoid," she says. 


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