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What to do if you get COVID before your booster shot

11Alive’s Dawn White got answers after finding herself in the same situation.

ATLANTA — The CDC reports that while delta is still the dominant strain right now, omicron cases are rapidly increasing and could overtake delta cases in the coming weeks.

Amid a push for boosters, people are asking if they should get one even if they recently contracted COVID-19. 11Alive’s Dawn White got answers after finding herself in the same situation. She got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine but learned this week she tested positive for the virus.

We know even if you're vaccinated, breakthrough cases are possible. However, these cases are only a small part of Georgia's total and account for about 6.3% of the all COVID cases. 

The good news is if you’re vaccinated, the symptoms will likely be milder and not last as long.

“You can still get infected, which is called breakthrough infection, but overall symptoms should be a lot milder. We know these vaccines are effective in preventing hospitalization and death. They're not 100% protective against infection, but they do work," infectious disease specialist Dr. Mohammed Reza said.

Dawn herself noticed a sore throat, cough and body aches after contracting the virus. However, she mentioned not feeling terrible.

While she talked with Dr. Reza, she mentioned being due for a booster and asked whether or not she should wait. His response? 

“If you have contracted COVID and recovered and you're due for a booster you should get that booster,"  Reza explained. "Typically it's 10 to 14 days after your symptoms have resolved, kind of that period of time when you're supposed to self-isolate."

And while CDC guidelines used to call for a booster shot 90 days after infection, Dr. Reza said that recommendation has changed now that vaccines are plentiful.

However, that doesn't mean there still aren't exceptions.

 "One caveat to that is if you received monoclonal antibody treatment, something such as Regeneron, you still want to wait that 90 days,” he added

In addition to monoclonal antibody treatment, Dr. Reza encourages you do this if you come down with coronavirus:

“Vitamin C has antioxidant properties," Reza said. "Other things such as zinc, such as vitamin D have shown some benefit as well as staying very well hydrated."

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