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As drug prices continue to rise, many Americans are forced to choose between quality of life or death

11Alive's #CostofCare series highlights the hardships and issues within the U.S. healthcare system, when people receive a life-changing medical diagnosis.

Madison Carter, Ciara Bri'd Frisbie, Francis Abbey, Meredith Sheldon (11Alive), Jessica Moore, Erin Peterson, Chris Peters

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Published: 4:59 PM EDT November 1, 2022
Updated: 3:29 PM EST February 16, 2023

America leads the world in expenses for prescription medications. In the late 1990s, pharmaceutical companies started raising the prices of their drugs and it's costing Americans their lives – many are forced to choose between quality of life or death.

11Alive's #CostofCare series focuses on the issues and challenges people face in the U.S. healthcare system after receiving a life-changing medical diagnosis. Here are their stories. 

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