ATLANTA -- All the recent attention on Ebola and Enterovirus now collide with the regular flu and cold season. The ramped up fears about spreading germs may be pushing you to kill off the good cultures your body needs.

Holistic doctors tell 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross the best way to balance your body comes in a drink. Drinking your germs might sound unappetizing, but one woman brewing it in Atlanta says it's worth the leap of faith.

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"Kombucha is a probiotic health elixir, it's been around for thousands of years," Melanie Wade explains the formula she's been mixing up using her 93-year-old grandmother's recipe. "She's thriving, she's mentally clear, she's alive, she's well. She drinks komucha every single day"

Wade launched Golda's Kombucha this summer. She's only one brewing it in Atlanta, but Kombucha is commercially available in health food stores across the country. The fizzy tea is brewed for 9 days with careful measurements and calculations.

"Kombucha is a sweetened tea that's fermented with a colony of beneficial yeasts and bacteria," Wade said. "Microscopic bacteria and yeast that are good bacteria."

The fermentation means you get a belly full of good germs every time you sip Kombucha, which freaks some people out.

"We're terrified of germs. We're using hand sanitizer, we're wiping everything down," Dr. Taz Bhatia said. She says that aversion to everything "germy" is actually hurting our bodies, which need a balance of good germs to function.

"A certain amount of germs are helpful. A certain amount of dirt won't hurt you," Dr. Bhatia said.

Wade doesn't brew dirt flavored tea, but she does have vanilla, cinnamon, and lemon to choose from.

"Kombucha is not for everybody, but it is really good for your health," Wade said.

Have you tried Kombucha? Would you?